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Trauma Awareness and Care


There is an abnormality that seeps beneath the normality we witness each day. It is present in our homes, our neighbourhoods, workplaces and communities. Most times we wouldn’t know or hear about it until it is too late. By the time we hear about our best friend’s marriage problems, they have already separated. We find out a colleague was depressed only after she has committed suicide. It is not because we don’t care but because we do not know how to care and how to read the hidden messages they try to send our way.


Every victim is a potential healer. Every victim is also a potential victimiser. It is a universally acknowledge truth that hurt people hurt and hurt people heal. We are all victims, survivors, overcomers and healers at any given time. With this in mind, the ALIVE programme aims to sensitise participants to the needs of those in their many spheres of influence and to help them to gain appropriate knowledge and skills required to care for and seek help for those who suffer from traumatic and emotional wounding experiences.


The initial training is in three levels spread over sixty hours. It exposes participants to:

    • The nature and impact of various types of trauma on individuals and communities
    • Cycles of trauma
    • The healing paradigm: Victim, Survivor, Overcomer, Healer
    • Redeeming the past and learning to forgive
    • Basic skills to engage with people suffering from domestic violence, sexual abuse, depression, trans-generational trauma, stress and burnout and various other forms of trauma and abuse that people experience every day.
      • Motivating, mobilising, training and supporting people to care for and support those who are disillusioned, depressed and traumatised by their situation in life irrespective of their religious or social background.In practice, it means:
      • Establish and maintain centres of care for those who suffer from physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual wounding experiences. Those who are trained will become part of an ever expanding team of caregivers in their sphere of influence, supervised and supported by Transform4Life.
      • Identify and analyse the origins and dynamics of personal and communal abuse, violence and trauma with a view to developing preventive strategies.
  • ALIVE 1

    The online training is scheduled for 10 Saturdays starting on 2nd March 2024. This is an online programme, you can attend from anywhere.

    For those who live in Bangalore or…

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  • ALIVE 3

    ALIVE  Level 3 In Level Three, we will consider what it means to be a “wounded healer.” We will also explore topics such as, compassion fatigue, burnout and setting…

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  • ALIVE 2

    ALIVE – Trauma Awareness and Care is a training program developed by Transform4Life to enable friends to care for friends and thus create caring communities. We hope that through…

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