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Understanding and Caring for Generation


When we speak of the Generation NeXt, we are not speaking of a particular historical demographic like the X Gen or Y Gen. Instead we are referring to a transient cultural and social demographic. They are defined by their mindset rather than their birth date.

In this four part series seminars when we speak of Generation NeXt, we are referring to those people who subscribe to the postmodern philosophy and at the same time wishes to live in the pre-modern atmosphere of community and conservative values. Though they crave for and demand the freedom and individuality characteristic of postmodern living, they thrive in the feeling of the safety and security of ordered and trusting relationships. They desire non – hierarchical authority structure, which offers opportunity for many levels of relationships and connections. Theirs may be a world of instant gratification, but they are prepared to submit themselves to the rigors of the protracted and expensive modern education system to acquire the highest formal education possible to enhance their career and support their life-style.

They do not delay gratification because there is no need to do it. What they want is available now and here. Brought up in single-child homes by parents who took pleasure and pride in their affluence based social status, Generation NeXt grew up in an environment of personal peace and self-interest. They appear to be selfish because they have not been taught the value and importance of sharing and caring.

Generation NeXt yearns for stability, morality, security, fidelity, faith, hope, and love. They do not seek unidirectional, leader directed growth plan but a multilateral, follower initiated growth process. Authenticity and honesty are the new sources of power.

Those who actively participate in this series of four seminars:

  1. Will be able to distinguish between pre-modern, modern and post-modern thinking especially in the context of education.
  2. Will have gained a basic understanding of the many prevailing worldviews characteristic of the present student population.
  3. Will be able to appreciate the unique epistemological dilemma of the next generation especially in relation to understanding and practicing issues relating to truth and justice. Therefore, discipline.
  4. Will learn ways of caring for the next generation.
  5. Will learn the unique features of leading the next generation and how to provide such leadership.
  6. Will learn various strategies for communicating and educating the next generation.


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6July 21 to 10 July21


6:00am to 9:00am

Understanding and Caring for Generation


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