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Being an Agent of Healing

What is the Training Program About?
Being an Agent of Healing is an online course specifically designed with the purpose of enabling and empowering friends to care for friends.

Who will Benefit from this Training?
This course equips counsellors, pastors, chaplains, missionaries and lay caregivers with knowledge and skills which can be applied to a broad spectrum of crisis/trauma situations including domestic violence, marriage breakups, road trauma, and various kinds of loss.

What will You Gain from this Program?
In this four-part series, we will explore various aspects of crisis-induced trauma, the difference between crisis intervention and crisis care, various coping styles, and how a person can build resilience not only to face the crisis but also to learn and grow through it. We will study the role of the helping/counselling non-professional friend, as well as developing general caring skills. We will also consider how to recognize personal limitations and certain ethical issues related to caring for a trauma-affected person.

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4 Modules

Session Time

8 Hours / 4 Sessions


25 in one batch (The sessions will be interactive with group discussions)


The participants will receive a certificate from Transform4Life.Inc on completion of the program.


7 May, 3 June

Being an Agent of Healing


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