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ALIVE  Level 2

  1. The nature of trauma and the trauma healing journey – Review
    • Friends caring for friends
    • Stages and transitions along the healing journey
  2. Trans-generational trauma and systemic abuse
    • Transgenerational trauma, inherited trauma, communal trauma, historic trauma and abuse
    • Understanding and caring for people suffering from inherited trauma
    • God of generations
  3. Redeeming the past, learning to forgive
    • Many steps to forgiving and many ways to remember
    • Forgiveness and the Kingdom of Heaven
    • Healing prayers of the wounded soul
  4. Redeeming the past, learning to remember
    • Many ways to remember
    • You celebrate what you remember and how you remember it.
    • Prayers of vengeance can be healing- meditations on Psalms.
    • Vengeance deferred and vengeance redeemed
  5. Biblical reflection
    • Conducting a personal reflection session
    • Reflecting on a portion of the scripture with reference to a life event
    • Reflecting on a life event with reference to scripture
  6. Understanding and responding to stress
  7. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and common shock
  8. Caring for those on the edge
    • Self-harm, suicide
    • Listening skills
    • Seeking help
  9. Caring to listen, listening to understand
    • Listening is more than hearing
    • Compassionate listening
  1. Making Christ known
    • Experiencing prayer
    • Being present in my community
    • Being and becoming a witness

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20 Hrs


SIHR&LC, Karigiri, Vellore, Tamil Nadu (Participants pay for accommodation and food as per their need)


9 am on 20th to 5 pm on 22nd February





ALIVE – Trauma Awareness and Care is a training program developed by Transform4Life to enable friends to care for friends and thus create caring communities. We hope that through this program, you will be challenged in your learning and that God will reveal Himself to you in new and loving ways.

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