ALIVE training is pitched at a graduate level. However, anyone with some life experience and a desire to walk with people in any form of emotional stress or trauma is welcome to join the training.

The actual cost of training Facilitators varies depending on the course, whether it is offered via live online or face-to-face, and the location of the participant. We only charge a small registration fee. You may choose to give what you can. For exact cost please contact Transform4life. 

ALIVE training is in three levels of 20 hrs each, in small groups of 20-25 people. It can be online or face -to-face at a specific location. Those who wish to become facilitators will be required to attend the Facilitation Skills training.

Those who complete the three levels of ALIVE training, will receive the Advanced Trauma Awareness and Care Training certificate from Transform4Life Inc., Australia. Upon completion of the Facilitation Skills Training, you will receive our Certified ALIVE Training Facilitator certificate.

Step One: Participate and successfully complete all three levels of ALIVE training.

Step Two: Be invited by Transform4Life to become an ALIVE facilitator.

Step Three: Attend and successfully complete the Facilitation Skills Training.

Step Four: Sign the Transform4Life Code of Conduct and Copyright documents.

Step Five: Revise the ALIVE content and training process with a Transform4Life accredited trainer from a facilitation perspective.

Step Six: Collaborate with another similarly accredited facilitator and start training.