“Being a agent of Healing in the Time of Crisis.”
Creating Caring Communities


Transform4Life exists to provide care for those who are emotionally wounded. 

A healed humanity where individuals and communities are mindful of and value each other as created in the image of God by discovering their personal identity as children of God and becoming channels of hope and reconciliation.


To motivate, mobilise, train, and support those who are committed to bringing healing and restoration in the name and spirit of Jesus Christ to those in their spheres of influence.  

To care for those who suffer from the emotional, psychological and spiritual wounding experiences.

To identify and analyse the origins and dynamics of personal and communal abuse, violence and trauma with a view to developing preventative strategies.

Our Rationale

We are called to be salt and light in our communities. As such, are an example in contrast, a living metaphor shaping ourselves and the community around us into the people of God.

Our Strategy

  • Equip teams and draw on many members’ gifts. Train people to actually care and not to shy away from the trauma of others.
  • Build a solid base of trained listeners who can provide pastoral care and refer the hurting to professionals when necessary.
  • Educate members in daily living skills.
  • Establish and maintain support systems for those who suffer from physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual wounding experiences.
  • Organise a team of qualified professionals to whom we can refer people with special needs.