Forgive Us


Sunny Philip

To be angry and remain hurtful is my choice

Nobody can make me angry. It is my decision to be angry.I choose to be angry aggrived, resentful and vindictive.

Anger and the subsequent behaviour are my choices.

We can either be thermostats that set the temperature or thermometers that just measure the temperature. The difference between these two is what decides whether you are a peacemaker or peace wrecker- whther you live in peace or in bitterness.

To forgive is my need

The other person may not even know that he/she has hurt me. So how can that person ask forgiveness for something he/she is unaware of?

What, if that person is not in a position to ask forgiveness?

Do you hold grudge against people who are already dead and gone?

I come across people who are angry with their dead parents, husbands, and neighbours.  If the Jews are still waiting for Hitler to apologise, it is not going to happen. 

We must always forgive but we cannot always forget

When the bible says that God will not remember our sins, it does not mean that God selectively removes from his memory all the offences for which we have asked for his forgiveness and remembers the rest. What it really means is that God does not hold us accountable for those things. They are “written off” but not forgotten.

Forgive and remember. We may not always be able to forgive the hurts but we have a choice as to how we want to remember it.

What is the difference between memorials and tombstones?

Is it possible for some stumbling blocks to become stepping-stones?

We must always forgive but we may not always restore relationships

Forgiveness is not the same as the restoration of relationship. It is a step towards the restoration of relationship. It is not always within our power or our choice to restore broken relationships- a relationship involves more than one person unless one happens to be Narcissus who was in love with himself.


Sometimes it may be inappropriate or impossible to restore relationships. We need to make every effort towards the restoration of relationship but we also need to be wise and cautious in doing so. In our earnestness to restore relationship we can re-create the same situation that caused the first offense. Then, the restoration of relationship is nothing more than facilitating wrongdoing. 

The wound will heal but the scars will remain

Scars usually do not hurt but they can continue to remind us of the pain we endured and the pain we caused. We may not be able to remove the scars, but we can choose how we want these scars to affect us and our attitude towards those who have caused the wound or others who remind us of the pain we endured.

Forgiveness does not deny responsibility for behaviour.  You have simply committed to not hold the other person in debt.

God can and may choose to remove these scars.

We do not glory in the scars but praise God for the healing, which the scars represent.


To forgive is to let go

“Untie me as I untie others and let them go.”

“Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who have sinned against us.”

The degree to which we let others “go” is the degree to which we experience freedom.

This does not mean that God will only forgive in proportion to our forgiving others. God has already forgiven us in Christ. But, do we experience that forgiveness. Is it real for us today?

When Jesus died on the cross he died not only for my sins but also for all the sins, which are and even would be committed against me.

Who are we to forgive or not to forgive?

Well, Why did Jesus leave “forgiving” to His Father? He said, “Father forgive them for they do not know what they do.” Something to think about at another time…


© Sunny Philip

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