Give Us This Day....

God calls us to repent of our selfish ways and to live not just as individuals, but in loving community.

Jesus taught us to pray, “Give US today OUR daily bread,” not give ME today MY daily bread.

So, what happens if I am not hungry?

Would I still need to pray this prayer?

What if I have enough bread at home for the next several days?

Is this prayer just an indication of my grateful heart? Is it not also a reminder from God that there are hungry people around me and that he expects me to be mindful of their needs and their prayers? 

When we pray “Give us…” we also include all those who are without food today. But we cannot pray that prayer unless we have thought about them first and done whatever we could for them. Otherwise, that prayer, we know, is a meaningless prayer. It may also be possible that I have sufficient bread for today because God has answered my neighbour’s prayer.

The Christian message cannot become authentic until the Christian community becomes what Jesus intended it to be. 

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