Training Programmes

Trauma Awareness and Care (ALIVE)

There is an abnormality that seeps beneath the normality we witness each day. It is present in our homes, our neighbourhoods, workplaces and communities. Most times we wouldn’t know or hear about it until it is too late. By the time we hear about our best friend’s marriage problems, they have already separated. We find out a colleague was depressed only after she has committed suicide. It is not because we don’t care but because we do not know how to care and how to read the hidden messages they try to send our way. read more

Managing Conflicts
Conflicts cannot be solved by reason and logic. When I am in conflict, personal survival is the singular focus. Therefore, the primary task in managing conflict is to regain self identity and then identify the events and feelings which caused the conflict and finally, seek ways and means of solving the problem and re-establishing goodwill. read more
Understanding and Caring for Generation NeXt
We are familiar with terminologies such as X Gen, Y Gen and Z Gen. We may also be acquainted with expressions such as Pre-modern, Modern and Postmodern. What is unique about the Next Generation is that they are not a category. Instead, they are a collage of worldviews, ideas and life-styles. read more